Board Certified

Our specialists are board certified, high volume surgeons. A high case load makes us perform more challenging surgeries while drastically lowering the complication rates. An increased surgical volume is important to develop and maintain expertise in any field of surgery.

Suturing experts

Our specialists have dedicated countless hours of training in the various forms of suturing which differentiates us from other surgeons.This translates to reduction of complication rates and lower blood loss during surgery.We also run fellowship programs at our center to educate other gynecologists interested in learning our techniques.

Ergonomic OTs

Our operation theatres are on par with international standards and have been designed with surgeon ergonomics in mind .Research has shown that surgeons makes less errors when stress free. Our state-of-the-art equipment are designed to provide surgeons accurate visualisation and precise dissection while performing surgery.

Innovative Techniques

We are constantly updated with the latest developments in laparoscopic surgery.Our surgeons are members of international boards like AAGL , WALS , etc. Our surgeons use specialised endo-bags to retrieve or morcellate suspicious looking masses to avoid chances of spread inside the body.Our surgeons are constantly innovating and evolving procedures to simplify even the most complicated procedures.

Surgical showcase

We are extremely proud of our surgical techniques .Our surgeons make it a point to explain the complete procedure to the patients , step-by-step both pre-op and post-op.We also educate aspiring gynaecologists in novel techniques like moving triangle ports , uterine artery ligation and inbag morcellation which have benefitted our patients in more ways than one.

“Scar-Less” surgery

Our surgeons are specialised in completing surgery using minimal number of incisions on the skin, we strongly believe patients should not remember their doctors by the scars they have. We use specialised glue to seal the incision and a few weeks down the body is almost “scar-less”

Pain”less” surgery

Our anaesthetists are experts at pain management .Unlike open surgery which requires 5 days of hospital stay. We make sure you are up and running the very next day, back with your loved ones.Unlike open surgery where you require to take rest for atleast three weeks , in laparoscopy you will be back to work within a week at max.

Lower infection rate

Thanks to advancements in laparoscopy , all our patients are benefitted from low infection rates when compared to open surgery .Infection rates are almost 90% lesser in laparoscopic surgery.

Minimal tissue trauma

Immune suppressants are released when tissue are handled extensively .In laparoscopy the release of these components are thousand times lesser than surgery.

Better vision

We use Karl Storz- Spectra advanced imaging systems. This gives us precise vision, 10x magnification and blood vessel differentiation. This vision lets our surgeons provide you with superior surgical outcome.

Low hernia

Due to multiple tiny 5mm incisions, the chances of hernia are very low when compared to open surgery where there is one large 6-12 cm incision.

Fewer adhesions

Adhesions are bands that make internal organs stick to each other after surgery.
Peritoneum is the protective covering around all abdominal structures. This peritoneum is a natural adhesion barrier. During open surgery a 6-12 inch incision is made in this peritoneum to access the pelvic structures whereas in laparoscopic surgery, the incision is only 5 mm.This reduces adhesion formation and speeds up formation of new peritoneum.