Initial Consultation

We deeply value the importance of your time . So we suggest you to contact us at 044-4946-5555 , 044-4260-6555 or 7080808087 and book your appointments prior to visiting our hospital. We are open daily from 9 am to 8 pm. Once you reach our hospital, our receptionists will guide you to meet the doctors. After initial history and investigations, you will meet our consultant Dr. Sarat Battina.

Long Distance Patients

For patients intending to travel over long distances for treatment, the initial consultation may be conducted virtually. On a patient-by-patient basis, the specialist will be able to communicate to you via Skype or any other VoIP service.

Documentation about your condition, such as ultrasounds or CT scan reports, can be directly mailed to us at indigowomenscenter@gmail.com. The surgeon will sketch your specific condition to scale and explain the procedure in detail.

If you are traveling from abroad, don’t hesitate to contact us; we will be able to guide you in all aspects regarding travel, accommodation and treatment (we will also throw in a tour of beautiful South India if you want!).

Ideal Time To Visit Our Clinic

Book your appointment such that it corresponds to the 3rd day of your menstrual cycle (first day of menstruation is taken as day 1). If your periods are irregular, you can visit us on any day. It is ideal if you are fasting overnight, this will help us obtain certain tests, which require you to be on an empty stomach.

Duration Of Stay In Chennai

Your first consultation only requires one day of stay.



Controlled ovarian stimulation (tablets or injections) and serial ultra sound scans can be done from your hometown or at our center. The procedure of IUI requires you to come to the hospital within 36 hours of confirmed ovulation .The procedure in itself only requires one day of stay


The calendars below will give you a fair idea on how long you should plan your trip. On an average this accounts to 3-4 weeks.

Long Protocol

Short Protocol

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Surrogacy/Donor program

Indigo Women’s Center is not directly involved with the surrogacy program. Oocyte donation can be arranged for a couple of any nationality .Surrogacy can be offered only for Indian couples with 5 years of infertility.


Stay and transport in Chennai is not expensive , for any assistance feel free to contact us. Alternatively , you can also stay at our hospital provided you plan to accommodate only one extra member.

Visa Letter

Kindly mention your name and passport number and your visa requisition to indigowomenscenter@gmail.com Or you can get in touch with Ms Saranya +91-7080808087.


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