How is laparoscopy performed?

How is laparoscopy performed?

Laparoscopy (aka keyhole or band-aid surgery) is a mini- invasive procedure where a 10 mm telescope is placed inside the abdomen to visualise the internal organs.

To aid the entry of a telescope , medical grade gas is used to distend the abdominal cavity using a specialised needle Called Verress needle.Additional 5mm ports can be used to perform procedures inside the abdomen.

A minor procedure can be performed using 2-3 ports whereas a major procedure may require 5 ports.

What instruments are used during a laparoscopic procedure?

There are several kinds of instruments but broadly classified as non-energy and energy instruments.

* Non-energy instruments usually comprise of graspers, scissors, dissectors, suction, etc.

* Energy sources are monopolar ,bipolar and ultrasonic instruments.

* Energy sources coupled with non- energy sources decreases the time taken to complete the surgery to a significant degree.

What is hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a form of endoscopy wherein the uterus is filled with fluid and a telescope is used to visualise inside it. Scissors , graspers and energy sources can be attached to the hysteroscope to perform operative procedures inside the uterus.