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“ Offering the best fertility treatment in Chennai for over 35 years ”

Indigo Womens Center is a NABH Accredited, ISO certified hospital dedicated for women’s health. Established in 2016, we have rapidly become the best destination for fertility treatment in Chennai.

Our hospital’s strategy is“patients first”, where we give top priority to quality healthcare above everything else.

Our core services include Fertility treatment (IVF/IUI/ICSI), Laparoscopic ServicesMaternity, Weight Loss Programs, Diagnostics and Aesthetics. We don’t believe in invasive marketing; we are driven by patient satisfaction which is the single most important reason for our rapid growth.

Each patient is her own best advocate. Unfortunately, due to the large amounts of misinformation provided online, there is a confusion regarding healthcare delivery and treatments. For this reason alone, we always urge patients to get a second opinion wherever possible. For a free consultation, feel free to Contact Us and one of our doctors will get back to you regarding the treatment options available to you.

Our goal is to educate patients by providing evidence based information on the best treatments available. We have placed quality markers at every level such that healthcare is delivered seamlessly and of the highest quality. We aim to be an experience rather than just another visit to the hospital.

We are proud to say we are your best option to attain parenthood because of the experience we offer. Our specialists have over 35 years of experience in dealing with issues in infertility and laparoscopy. Our doctor, Dr.Sarat Battina has performed the “FIRST GIFT BABY” of Tamil Nadu in 1989.For a complete list of all fertility services provided at our hospital, click here.

Our Laparoscopic Specialists are board certified, high volume surgeons. Increased surgical volume is important because it develops and maintains expertise in any field of surgery. Our surgeons are pioneers in modulating newer advanced techniques in laparoscopic surgery and have implemented upon innovative procedures to reduce blood loss during surgery, like dual uterine artery ligation technique, inbag morcellation, scarless surgery, etc. For a complete list of all laparoscopic procedures performed at our center, Click here.

Thanks to countless hours of dedicated training in the various suturing techniques, our specialists have greatly reduced the number of complications and have the experience to deal with any complication laparoscopically, whereas a general OB Gyn might resort to an open procedure. To know more about the latest advancements in laparoscopy, click here.

Our operation theatres are equipped with state-of-the art technologyon par with international standards. Studies have shown that surgeon stress levels play a very important role in the outcome of surgery. Our OTs are ergonomically designed with all the latest equipment in our armamentarium and surgeons can perform procedures without having to worry about theatre times.

We strongly believe in consistent reporting,our in-house radiologist discusses with our fertility specialist and embryologist on a daily basis, this gives us immense control on follicular monitoring and inter department cooperation helping us achieve high pregnancy success rates.

We promise our patients a pain-less surgery thanks to our team of anaesthetists who are experts at pain management. Our surgeries are termedscar-less wherein our surgeons can complete even the most complicated procedures with the least number of incisions as possible.

We have one-to-one nursing for all our in-patient ward and all our medical, paramedical and accessory staff members are specifically trained for delivering the highest level of patient care.

At Indigo WomensCenter, we value the importance of your time, our patient relations team co-ordinates with you over the phone and schedules your appointment such that you spend the least amount of time waiting for your consultation. To book your Appointment click here.

Our hospital is comfortably located in the heart of Chennai, in Anna Nagar. We are easily accessible by Chennai metro or by cab. We are conveniently located between two metro stations (Thirumangalam metro station and Tower Metro Station). We also provide ample parking in and around our hospital.

Being one of the best hospitals in Chennai, we are proud of our IVF live birth rates which have consistently been one of the highest in Tamil Nadu. However, don’t take our word for it. Do your bit of research and have a look at our reviews here.

Our Values:

We empower our patients with the knowledge of all available treatment options and help them in choosing the best plan of care.

Our Motto:

Our motto is “Patients First”, Patients will always be our first priority. We assure consistent focus in delivering healthcare and provide the highest level of skill in all our services. Patient satisfaction is the single most important factor for our growth, our every design design decision is based around making our patients happy. We constantly apply newer quality management systems in place to meet all our patient requirements. Commercial aspects will never influence our treatment choices.

Our Vision/Goal:

We are not just another hospital; we are “an experience”. Our mission to provide patients with an un paralleled experience throughout our hospital.

Our Mission:

To revolutionize healthcare delivery for women across India.
Our goal is to have the highest live birth success rates possible, while minimizing risks of multiple pregnancy.


Our Consultants
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At Indigo Womens center, Dr. B. Sarat has been practicing reproductive medicine for the past 30 years.

He has performed the “FIRST GIFT BABY” of Tamil Nadu in 1989 and delivered the “FIRST IVF TWINS” of South India in 1991. With our vast experience in the field , we curate our treatment plans for every individual to deliver the highest pregnancy rates in Chennai.

Our laparoscopic surgeon Dr. B. Surakshith specializes in advanced gynecological laparoscopic surgery and post surgical pain management. He has dual fellowships in advanced laparoscopy and has performed several procedures.We are experts at pain management and promise to send you back to your family and loved ones as early as possible as we are committed to delivering on our slogan get well soon “er”.

Dr. Srilatha has undergone extensive training in 3D and 4D gynaec, ultrasound and antenatal scans. She has written and presented several papers at national and international conferences.

We are proud to say we are the best at what we do because of the experience our professionals can deliver.

Why are our success rates so good?
  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • Maintenance of stringent quality control
  • Hiring and training the best people
  • Commitment to ongoing learning

We are proud of IVF success rate and we have been the highest in Tamil Nadu . However don’t take our word for it. Do your bit of research online about Dr.Sarat Battina or Indigo womens center.

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Why was Indigo Womens Center Started
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We find that the quality of women’s healthcare is sub par in many corporate hospitals, because healthcare took a backseat for commercial gains .Our hospital is equipped with less than 20 beds, this is a strategic decision to maximize our patient care. More the number of beds, the burden of trying to keep the beds occupied overshadows patient satisfaction. Besides in larger hospitals, gynecology is one of many departments, whereas it is our one and only focus.

We do not believe in force marketing, we are driven by patient satisfaction. We strongly believe this is the single most important factor for our growth. Each patient is her own best advocate; the “medicine marketing” and misinformation provided online has created immense confusion regarding healthcare delivery. Our goal is to educate patients by providing evidence based information on the best treatments available.

Our goal in this hospital is not to keep you with us, but to send you off to your family and loved ones as soon as possible. We are committed to delivering this, driven by our slogan, gets well soon”er”.

We know the importance of your time; at Indigo Womens Center, a best fertility center in Chennai we schedule appointments so that you will spend the least amount of time waiting for a consultation. We also provide you with ample space for parking so you don’t have to worry about waiting for the valet or having to park far away
from the hospital.

We have no time restrictions in the out patient department or our operation theatres. This stress free environment while treating patients greatly improves the quality of treatment provided by our professionals.

Our Operation theatres are designed with human ergonomics in mind, facilitating the surgeons to perform with absolutely no stress, improving on the quality of the procedure. Our staff members are specifically trained for reproductive medicine and laparoscopic treatment thus making them achieve mastery at this front, whereas in other hospitals the same staff members treat patients of all other specialties, this makes them overworked, stressed and they can never become masters at a single skill.

The Indigo Advantage
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  • Highly specialised fertility specialists with over 35 years of experience.
  • Our dedication to treating couples with infertility has earned us praise from all over the world.
  • High volume surgeons who have performed over 2,000 Gynecological procedures collectively.
  • In house radiologist for accurate diagnosis.
  • State-of-the art Operation theatres with all the latest technology.
  • Class 10,000 clean air unit with international standards of air quality control followed in our embryology labs.
  • Highest chances of having a live pregnancy in South India.
  • Fantastic “at-home” ambience throughout the hospital.


Crystal Vision

Our Operation theatres are equipped with the latest and greatest in Laparoscopic imaging system from Karl storz ® . Spies. Spectral imaging allows recognition of the finest tissue structures . This helps tissue differentiation for better precision and accuracy in surgery. Our Maquet OT tables are designed to ergonomically assist surgeons to perform comfortable surgeries.

Powerful diagnosis

Built on the very powerful GE platform , this ultrasound system provides us with highest clarity of all anatomical structures from virtually any plane. With supercharged speeds in 3D rendering and extraordinary image quality, helps us provide you with the best and accurate diagnosis.

Comfortable labour

The DT 100 is superior to every other delivery table in the market. It provides calf support and comfortable ergonomic hand grips to support the mother while bearing down.

Class 10,000 air

Our embryology labs are fitted with the latest in the industry for air quality control. Our VOC monitoring systems keeps a check on the particle count in the air ,hence giving exceptionally high fertilization rates.

The Best of Professionals

our doctors
Dr. Sarat Battina

Dr. Sarat Battina

director of reproductive medicine
Dr. Surakshith Battina

Dr. Surakshith Battina


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