Understanding IVF Step by Step

What is IVF?

IVF is the abbreviation for In vitro Fertilization. It is a fertility procedure where eggs taken from ovaries are fertilized with sperms in a laboratory. This procedure offers a smile to many couples who suffer from fertility related problems. The fertilized egg is primarily kept in a safe medical environment and grown. In a few days, the fertilized egg is later transferred into the uterus.

This is the important process undertaken in IVF treatment. A fertility specialist offers you the necessary treatment. Procuring Egg from Ovaries, Fertilization and Embryo transfer are the major steps involved in this process. The complete process can well be explained in a sequence of steps. Let us discuss the steps in detail.


Obtaining Egg

Healthy eggs are obtained from the ovary. This is the important process in an IVF Treatment. These eggs are got from a healthy female in case there is a possible male infertility. In the case of female infertility, eggs are obtained from a donor.



The process of fertilization involves coming together of eggs and sperm. Healthy selected eggs are procured and then they are brought together with sperm. This procedure is followed usually in the case where natural fertilization is not possible. Fertility experts suggest that this procedure could offer exceptional results every time.

Step -3

Embryo Transfer

Post Fertilization, the fertilized egg is kept under medical supervision. Preferably in a medical lab that sports all the necessary fertility mechanisms. After observing the fertilized egg for over a couple of days, possibly on the 4th or the 5th day, it is then transferred into the Uterus of the woman.

Step- 4


After successfully implanting the fertilized egg, the patient is kept on observation the same day and sent home. Later after a day or two, the patient is again invited for a couple of examinations. After the completion of necessary medical examinations, the fertility experts offer their suggestion and advice to the couple on the success of the IVF Treatment.

The above-specified steps form the IVF procedure. There are other important steps and procedures which forms the base of the IVF treatment. This process is carried out before the commencement of IVF and after the successful implanting of the fertilized embryo.

The process comprises of

Step 1

Getting familiar with your menstrual cycle is the first important thing noted down to go ahead in the IVF treatment. The first day of a period is observed and it acts as the first day of the IVF treatment. The duration of the menstrual period is observed to understand the fertility and other factors.

Step 2

After observation, the condition of the ovaries is observed. It constitutes, the observation of normal functioning of the ovaries, egg production factor, etc., Follicle stimulation is another important procedure involved in this step. Ovaries are stimulated to produce an egg. Follicle stimulating hormones are injected in this process.

Step 3

After stimulation, the Eggs are retrieved. Simultaneously, selected Sperms are kept ready. The process of procuring egg from the ovaries is a major task which involves experience. As eggs cannot be seen through since they constitute as fluid, IVF experts could be the best bet.

Step 4

Final Examination

A blood analysis is conducted after Fertilization and Embryo Transfer. This is to confirm whether the gonadotropin hormone is present in the women’s blood. This ensures positive pregnancy.

Understanding the IVF procedure is an important aspect of undergoing the treatment. It is painless. Although some patients tend to fear of prolonged procedure or delays, it is one of the safest procedures to date. The above step by step illustrations could ensure couples looking out for fertility-related assistance to make hay sooner than never.

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