Tips To Choose Your Fertility Hospital?

Realizing you might require fertility treatment may be very stressful. The good news is that most of these conditions are treatable by using simple measures. This is, where the fertility hospital and reproductive medicine specialists come in.

When looking for a clinic, it pays off to do a little homework first. One mistake couples do, is get persuaded by TV commercials or radio ads. That’s not how fertility treatment works. It requires extended hours of dedication in the particular field of medicine and the experience of the whole team that’s offering the treatment. There are several kinds of hospitals and clinics that offer fertility treatment, so make sure that you choose the right one for you as an individual and not just as a patient.

Single specialist hospitals vs Multi-Speciality hospitals

Single specialist (or clinician) hospitals offer more personalized experience and allow you to have easier access to the treating doctor. In multi-speciality (corporate) hospitals, you might not consult the same doctor twice. Waiting time may be much higher in such hospitals because several processes and formalities have to be completed prior to consulting the doctor. If you’re looking for fertility treatment coupled with other ailments (like Ortho, ear, dental, cardiac issues) then such hospitals are better in regards to convenience.

Single specialist hospitals vs Fertility chain clinics

Fertility chain clinics offer sub-par treatment for patients as a lot of compromises are made for cost-cutting. Doctors managing fertility chains often spend most of their energy traveling and setting up more chains and are not available most of the time to monitor your treatment. Chain clinics invest a lot on marketing rather than treatment. They use poor quality equipment, low-quality culture media and disposables. The quality of investigations is also sub-par because most places use low-end ultrasound machines which cannot accurately determine the number of follicles in cycle monitoring. If financial constraints are a big factor, then fertility chains can be opted for, although long-term effects cannot be guaranteed.

Single specialist hospitals vs Medical University

Medical universities are a good alternative but suffer due to a lack of privacy, because medical students are present at every level, from history taking up till the end of treatment. There will be also long waiting queues in the out patient department, as patients suffering from every other illness will be waiting along with you. Fertility being a sensitive issue, many do not prefer medical universities. Indigo Womens Center is an ISO certified single specialist hospital located in Anna Nagar. We do not believe in marketing, nor are we interested in starting a chain of hospitals. Our only goal is to achieve the pinnacle of patient satisfaction. For more information visit

Success rates:

Probably the single most important factor for a couple to choose a fertility hospital. Always analyze success rates with a grain of salt. Some clinics may choose to show only a subset of their statistic and others go to the extent of mixing donor embryos just to improve on the pregnancy rate. When assessing success rates make sure to look for reputation ranking of the treating clinician on Google or ask someone who had undergone treatment with the same clinician before. One easy way to find out hospital integrity is to ask the treating clinician about single embryo transfers and the rate of OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome). It’s wise to stay away from clinics with very low single embryo transfers and more OHSS incidences.

What if I told you that success rates only differ marginally from one clinic to another (about 1-2%)? 

It depends on the factors listed here:
Age of the woman
Quality of sperm
Skill of the IVF team at the hospital
Quality of the media, disposables uses in the hospital labs, etc.

Ask yourself “what are my personal chances of getting pregnant?” as opposed to focusing only on the clinic’s “reported” success rates. A clinic’s stats may be altered but your personal chances remain consistent. At Indigo Women’s Center we are always available to assess your chances of success and draw a treatment plan for you.Drop us a mail at or call us at 044-42606555 for more information.


Fertility treatment costs a lot so, knowing your limits will help you keep in check. You wouldn’t want to be talked into a procedure you cannot afford. It’s always best to know the costs ahead of treatment. There are several variables to consider when assessing costs like travel, food and accommodation (if travelling long distances). Some clinics advertise very low costs, this is probably because they are showing only half the picture, there could be other “hidden costs”, so make sure you understand what’s included and what’s not. While cost is an important factor, it should NEVER be the determining factor when selecting an IVF clinic.

We are more than willing to draw out a schedule for you and give you the estimate for the treatment you require. Always make sure to account for food and accommodation when traveling long distances. We at Indigo Womens Center have handpicked locations based on your budget, drop us a mail at or call us at 044-4946-5555 for more information.


Location shouldn’t dictate which clinic you should choose, it’s better you go to a clinic which you feel comfortable with rather than compromise with somewhere close by. While undergoing treatment, you might have to commute to the hospital 5-6 times a week for about 2 weeks. Search a bit on google maps and look for the shortest route to the clinic. You can always ask the treating specialist if “outside monitoring” is a possibility  – where you have your scans and blood tests done near your location and have them reported to his or her mailbox for treatment decisions.

Qualification and “Philosophy” of the treating clinician:

Some practitioners who aren’t gynecologists practice fertility medicine in India! Always make sure to do a background check on your fertility specialist and see what M.D. degree he/she holds ( you don’t want to end up being treated by an Ayurvedic doctor).Look for how long the specialist has been practicing reproductive medicine, more the years more the experience. If a doctor has been practicing for a very long time, chances are they are good at it. Always ask the question to the clinician “What happens to the excess embryos? “Many clinics (chains) are very shady about how they handle excess embryos. They claim to “discard” the embryos due to the lack of embryo freezing, but in reality, they use them for donor cycles.  Make sure the team makes you feel energized and hopeful after your consultation. By the end of all your history and investigations, if you do not get a clear picture and work up its best to take those reports to elsewhere. If your treating team isn’t truly happy for your success or saddened by a failed cycle, it’s time to more away from that clinic.

Choose wisely:

Before beginning your treatment, check around a few clinics and get a feel for each of them. Chances are you will be spending a lot of time there and will have to communicate with a lot of treating consultants. Once you have narrowed down your clinic choices, contact them for an interview. Go in with a critical mindset. Always prepare your questions before you visit the clinics. Always remember: There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Also note that if your clinic pushes you towards ICSI/IVF without trying out lesser invasive treatments before, then you might have to look into other clinics.

The staff nurses are the front line of any Fertility hospital – they help schedule visits, give medications, answer queries and give general tips. Look for a clinic with a lot of nursing staff in the front office. This means that there are particular staff members assigned to various tasks and will hasten your treatment process in the clinic. A good tip is to get friendly with all the nursing staff!

Several fertility hospital treat patients in batches to cut costs. Not all women respond the same way to medication, some grow follicles fast and others slow. A one protocol fits all approach to fertility treatment hampers results. Always make sure a clinic treats your fertility issue as an individual. A clinic is batching patients when they pre-plan the oocyte collection date even before the follicles are completely mature.

Many couples make a big mistake by making appointments with the first hospital that pops up in Google or listening to an ad on radio. There are several fertility chains who manipulates ranking to be on the front page of google. Search for insights via word-of-mouth, testimonials, reviews, or online forums clinics. Always look at the literature provided at the hospital to make sure it’s clear and comprehensive.

It might be beneficial to look for a clinic that offers accessory services like Support groups, counseling, acupuncture, etc. When clinics do not respond to your mails or calls, it’s best to try somewhere else because they would do the same when you are a patient in their hospital too.

Some hospitals keep repeating all the tests you have already performed without even reviewing your previous reports. Chances are – they are going to repeat these tests in every cycle. It’s best to keep away from such hospitals and practices.

Always trust your instincts … If you are having second thoughts, do not have an obligation to stick to that clinic. Always remember there are a lot more options when it comes to fertility treatment.

At Indigo Womens Center, we adapt to your individual circumstances, personalizing your treatment and our schedule to suit your needs. Also, for your added convenience, we have plenty of nursing staff in our OP floor to look after all your needs, they pride themselves from your satisfaction. To know more about our flexible protocols and our clinic ethics feel free to contact us at or call us at 044-4946-5555

Refrain from clinics:

  • That do not produce treatment records and treatment plan.
  • Where there is a major discrepancy between the number of follicles on ultrasound and the number of eggs collected.
  • That do not produce embryo pictures.
  • That do not have embryo freezing facility.

We hope that this post has helped you narrow down your choices of fertility clinics. We would like to wish you all the very best in your journey towards parenthood.

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