surrogacy services in chennai


Surrogacy is a practice whereby a woman (related or unrelated to the couple) bears and gives birth to a child , who is handed over to the intended couple.
What are the types of surrogacy?
Altruistic surrogacy :
A surrogacy where no charge , expenses or monetary incentives of any nature are given, except the medical expenses incurred to the surrogate mother and the insurance coverage for the delivery.Most altruistic surrogacies are between family members or close friends; for example, when a woman offers to carry a pregnancy for her sibling or child without compensation, this would be considered altruistic surrogacy.
According to the Indian government, no woman shall act as a surrogate mother for more than once in her lifetime.
Commercial surrogacy :
Commercial surrogacy refers to any surrogacy arrangement in which the surrogate mother is compensated for her services beyond reimbursement of medical expenses incurred.

Who can avail altruistic surrogacy in India?

Married Indian couples can opt for surrogacy provided :
* The couple have been married for at least 5 years
* The age of the couple should be within 23 to 50 years.
* The couple has not had any surviving child (biological or adopted) or through surrogacy , unless
* the child is mentally or physically challenged or suffers from a life-threatening disorder.
Commercial surrogacy in India : Commercial surrogacy is illegal in India as of 24/8/2016