Sperm Donor

Donor Sperm

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Unlike egg donation, sperm donation is more straight forward.

A donor sperm is used as the last resort for males with azoospermia where sperm retrieval techniques yielded no sperm

Scenarios where sperm donation is used:

  1. Patients with testicular failure
  2. Patients who underwent radiotherapy for cancer.
  3. Azoospermia( no sperm in the semen or testicular biopsy)
  4. Repeated IVF failures with own sperm
  5. High chances of chromosomal abnormalities in babies.

We insist that donors are healthy, non-smoking males between the ages of 18 – 35 years. Traditionally, we use only anonymous sperm donors through registered donor banks.

Process of a Sperm Donation Cycle

Appropriate consents are signed by the donor and the recipient couple.

Depending on the patient’s requirement a donor IUI , IVF or ICSI is performed