“ We are equipped with a state of the art lab to offer you with an accurate and speedy diagnosis ”

Our imaging services


At Indigo Womens Center we provide a full range of sonology services with the latest LG Volison E8 Radiance ultrasound machine. We offer both conventional and 3D/4D ultrasound examinations. Our dedicated radiologist specialises in women imaging and she has a passion for excellence and strives to deliver the quality you deserve.

We differentiate ourselves by our excellent inter-department coordination. Our specialists discuss patient profiles on a day to day basis this way we can offer our patients with the highest level of skill.

Early pregnancy scans:
The role of early pregnancy scan is to confirm the pregnancy, location of gestation sac (intra uterine or ectopic gestation), and documenting the fetal cardiac activity. Early pregnancy scan assesses the gestational age more accurately compare to subsequent scans.

NT /11-13 weeks scan:
This is the first antenatal screening to rule out specific genetic conditions where the sonologist looks for fetal nasal bone formation and nuchal translucency. NT test is combined with maternal serum screening, and the obstetrician correlates the results. 11-13 weeks is the accurate time for NT scan.

Anomaly scans:
Also known as TIFFA (target imaging for fetal anomalies). This scan focus is on fetal anatomy in detail from head to toe, including fetal heart and spine to detect the presence of any fetal anomalies. 18-22 weeks is the accurate time for anomaly scan.

Growth scans:
It is usually done between 28-32 weeks. The purpose is to check the fetal position, placental appearance, amniotic fluid level, fetal well-being and the baby’s growth compared with previous scans.

3D/4D scan:
This advanced technology gives an image of baby surface view and make you appreciate the facial features, spine, fingers and toes of your unborn baby in real time .

Fetal echo:
Specific scan to rule out the fetal cardiac and major vessels anomalies. It is also combined with color flow evaluation in fetal heart and major arteries and veins.

Obstetric doppler:
Doppler scan is to evaluate the spectral waveforms in maternal and fetal vessels to diagnose utero-placental insufficiency and intra uterine growth restriction. The sonologist impression on doppler study plays a key role for the obstetrician to plan and evaluate the outcome of pregnancy.

Gynaecology imaging:
Gynaec ultrasound is performed to evaluate uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other pelvic structures. The extension and location of any abnormal growth/cyst is documented. Color flow study is also performed for an abnormal lesion to know its probability of benignity.

Follicular study:
Follicular study is a vital component in artificial reproductive technology(ART) for timing the collection of eggs. It is performed transvaginally at regular intervals.

Our laboratory services


We are equipped with a state of the art diagnostics lab for all essential blood tests. Our equipment can deliver highly sensitive results within a short period. We value the importance of your time; our staff will schedule your appointment so that you spend the least amount of time waiting for your tests before you consult our specialist. Our phlebotomists are so skilled that your blood is drawn even before you realize you’ve been pricked! We have phlebotomists specially trained to draw blood from babies (We are equally heartbroken when we see little babies cry! )

We offer comprehensive preventive health checks to ensure that you are at optimal healthy. Our Master Checkup for women is designed to address all the issues that can cloud a woman’s well being.

List of tests performed at Indigo Womens Center :
Random Blood sugar
Fasting Blood Sugar
Post prandial Blood Sugar
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Fasting lipid profile
Total Cholesterol
Serum Electrolytes
Serum Calcium
Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
Blood Grouping &typing
Serum Magnesium
Liver Function Test
Serum Albumin
Serum Amylase
Serum Alkaline Phosphatase
Serum Ammonia
Serum Bilirubin( direct & indirect)
Serum bicarbonates
Serum Ferritin
Platelet Count
Serum Phosphorus
Serum lipase
Prothrombin Time
Bleeding Time
Clotting Time
HIV 1&2 with P24 Ag
Cholesterol - HDL direct
Cholesterol - LDL direct
Urine Creatinine - 24 hrs
Urine Micro Albumin - 24 hrs
Urine ketones
Urine Glucose
Urine Leukocytes
Urine Proteins -24hrs
Urine Billirubin
Syphillis Card
Urine Pregnancy test
Total Protein
CK- Creatinine Kinase
Micro protein  - Serum
RA factor
Micro Albumin
Rubella Ig G & Ig M
Vitamin D
Stool Routine
Serum Sodium
Serum Potassium
Serum Acid Phosphatase
Serum Ionised Calcium
Mantoux test