“ We specialise in performing scar”less” and pain’less” keyhole surgeries ”

Laparoscopy hospital in chennai

At Indigo Womens Center we deliver the highest quality of treatment supported by our superior operation theatre equipment. Our staff members are specifically trained for assisting gynaecological surgery, making us extremely productive and time efficient at this front . Our specialists are fellowship trained and board certified in advanced gynaecological surgery and have undergone several years of training in their field .

Surgeons become masters at surgery by performing a large number of cases and our specialists get that volume . Our doctors are trained to deal with all complications laparoscopically. As highly advanced medical physicians, the team have developed new and innovative techniques to simplify even the most complicated surgeries and reducing risks associated with it.We have developed revolutionary techniques to reduce blood loss in all our procedures. Our mission is to provide cosmetically concealable, scar ”less” surgical options to all our patients.

We are fully focused on your health and comfort. Our anaesthesia team members are trained in postoperative pain management, we can assure you the least amount of pain post-surgery.One can say that the surgery is almost pain”less” !

A large percent of gynecological surgeries are still performed by the conventional open method. A gynaecologist who lacks the training for laparoscopic surgery may recommend an open conventional surgery.At Indigo Womens Center we like to empower our patients to make the right choices for themselves.To know more about the advantages of laparoscopy over conventional open surgery click here.

Conditions Treated
How is laparoscopy performed?

Laparoscopy (aka keyhole or band-aid surgery) is a mini- invasive procedure where a 10 mm telescope is placed inside the abdomen to visualise the internal organs.

Advantages of Laparoscopic surgery at Indigo Womens Center
  1. Board certified surgeons
  2. Ergonomic Operation Theaters
  3. Early recovery
  4. Cosmetically superior surgery
  5. Low infection rates
  6. Lesser chances of hernia
What instruments are commonly used for a laparoscopic procedure?

There are several kinds of instruments but broadly classified as non-energy and energy instruments.

  • Non-energy instruments usually comprise of graspers, scissors, dissectors, suction, etc.
  • Energy sources are monopolar ,bipolar and sealing instruments.
  • Energy sources coupled with non- energy sources decreases the time taken to complete the surgery to a significant degree.
What is hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is a form of endoscopy where the uterine cavity is filled with fluid and a telescope is passed inside to visualise the insides of the uterus (such as the uterine cavity and ostial openings). Sometimes the hysteroscope is attached with an operator sheet, which helps to perform surgical procedures within the cavity.

A large percent of gynecological surgeries are performed by the conventional open method. This is because of the widespread lack of information about laparoscopic surgery. This information, which should be given to by the treating doctors is not well communicated. A gynecologist who lacks the training for laparoscopic surgery may recommend only an open surgery. This leaves the patient confused about their choices and leaves the treatment choice to the doctor’s discretion. We at Indigo Womens center like to empower our patients to make the right choices for themselves.