Intra uterine insemination

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)


  • Intra Uterine Insemination is a Common ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology) procedure that involves three steps.
  • Step one is to confirm ovulation by means of trans vaginal ultrasound.
  • Step Two is to “wash” the sperm and separate the good sperm form the “bad”.
  • Step Three is to inject the sperm directly into the Woman’s wombusing a fine catheter.

The purpose of IUI is to maximise the chances of fertilization and

Indications of IUI
  • Cervical factors- When sperm Cell cannot cross the cervical Canal due to an abnormal cervix or issues in the cervical mucous.
  • Ovulation Problems- Women with irregular menstruation who are unable to track the timing of
  • Lower sperm count- Slightly decreased sperm count can be due to several factors and IUI is the treatment of choice for such Couples.
  • Male sexual dysfunction- men with ejaculatory issues or law libido are candidates for IUI.
  • Immunogical factors- Several antibodies in the couple's serum (seminal fluid cervical fluid,follicular fluid,etc.) can causeinfertility.
  • Application of IUI in fertility treatment of unkonw(idiopathis) cause has a purely empirical value.The rate of Pregnancies achieved increases form 6% to 18 in Stimulated Cycles.
How does IUI improve fertility?
  • The woman is given stimulatory medication to inprove the growth and quality of the eggs.

  • Healthy sperms are separated and injected directly into the uterine cavity,thus cervical factors of infertility are bypassed(thick mucous plug ,anti-sperm antibodies,etc)

  • Ovulation is confirmed prior to doing an IUI.
What are the basic requirement for a successful IUI?

The fallopian tubes which carry eggs from the ovary to the uterus must be open and healthy. (Confirmed either by a Hysterosalpingogram (HGS) or a diagnostic hystero-laparoscopy.)

The sperm count must be fairly within normal limits.(diagnosed by a semen analtsis)

Hormone levels should be within normal limits.

Ovulation must occur either with or without medicaions.(Confirmed by ultrasound)

Age of the mother should be below 35 Years for a higher pregnancy rate.

Risks of IUI

Woman may have a 10% higher Chance of Having twin pregnancies While taking clomiphene and 30% more with gonadotopins

How is IUI performed?

You will be given medication form the third day of your period to stimulate ovulation.

Alternate day follicular monitoring will be done to confirm ovulation.

The Male Partner's Sperm sample will be processed by gradient and swim up method to separate the good sperm form the "bad".

These "Washed" sperm will be placed into a sterile container and handed over to the gynaecologist.

The Doctor will insert a speculum into the vagina and a slim catheter will The loaded with the "washed"sperm and introducrd Into The uterus.

The Whole process only takes a few mintes and usally painless.The woman will be asked to lie down for 10-15 minutes after The procedure.

What are the success rates ?

And IUI is a supposed to increase Chances of pregnancy by 10-25% depending on the age of the patient. the success rates are also Cumulative ,meaning the more Consistent the couple are the higher the hances of pregnancy The total number of IUIs should not Cross 10 times because there is no Scientific that more than 10 IUIs will increase success rates.