Hysteroscopic Polypectomy

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Uterine pathologies within the cavity of the uterus can be dealt with using hysteroscopy

These procedures are completed in a day-care setting (i.e. the patient goes back home the same day of the procedure).

Hysteroscopic Polypectomy

Polyps are tiny projections of endometrial tissue within the uterus causing bleeding , pain or infertility.

A hysteroscope with an operative sheet is introduced into the uterine cavity. Using a pair of hysteroscopic scissors and grasper, the polyp is first cut out, grasped and sent to the pathology department.

This procedure greatly increases implantation rates.

Hysteroscopic myomectomy?

Fibroids in the uterus can extend into the uterine cavity called submucous fibroids. Depending on the extent of protrusion within the cavity they are 3 grades, grade 0, 1 & 2.

A specialized instrument called the resectoscope is introduced into the uterine cavity.The fibroid is cut into tiny pieces using bipolar current and the pieces are retrieved through the cervix.

Hysteroscopic septal resection

Congenital malformations are sometimes present in couples trying to conceive. Most of these defects (unless there is a complete absence of the uterus) can be corrected endoscopically. One such malformation is the uterine septum, in which the uterus is partitioned by a thin septum in the center. This septum can be resected using the resectoscope (fitted with a Colin’s knife).

Trans Cervical Resection of Endometrium

TCRE is an extremely skilled procedure that requires the complete removal of the lining of the endometrium. This procedure is usually done for patients with excessive bleeding, but want to conserve the uterus. Pregnancy will not occur after this procedure and its essential that an intrauterine contraceptive device be placed in the uterus after the procedure.

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Hysteroscopic procedures require a specialized team of anesthetists and staff members who are trained in fluid management and a surgeon who can complete the procedure efficiently.