How is male infertility treated

The procedure that doctors in Best Fertility Centre in Chennai treat male infertility differs from person to person. Since all infertility problems in guys are exceptional, docs might treat every man in an individual perspective. Say your husband suffers from low sperm count. He can’t get you pregnant because he surely does not produce sufficient sperm count. His health practitioner would possibly direct him to abstain from intercourse and ejaculation for numerous weeks till you’re ovulating so that he can building up his sperm count number to get you pregnant. If your husband has sluggish swimmers, doctors may recommend you use artificial insemination. In this approach your doctor will use some of your male partner’s sperm after he gives it to the physician for inserting into your frame in order to make you pregnant. Other alternatives encompass IVF, which is the system of using test tubes to fertilize your eggs with his sperm before implanting the fertilized egg into your frame.


Some cases of male infertility can be handled with a simple life-style alternate. Men who be afflicted by weight problems may be endorsed to eat a wholesome weight loss program and get plenty of exercise. The healthier he’s, the better his threat of overcoming male infertility. Men who smoke or drink or use pills could be advocated to stop it. Regardless whether or not a man is infertile; making those life-style modifications previous to having an infant is a great concept.


According to the Infertility Specialist in Chennai, Male infertility is a lot extra commonplace than you would possibly assume. To boom your probabilities of having pregnant quicker, having your male companion tested for infertility at the identical time you’re being tested for infertility is a good idea. Additionally, if you realize your associate suffers from a childhood illness or an STD, getting him tested earlier than you begin trying can save you quite a few times.

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