Home remedies to treat PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)

PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian Diseases is a condition in which the ovaries enlarge and cysts form on its outer edges. The enlarged ovaries produce an excessive amount of androgen and estrogen (hormones). This is due to a hormonal disorder that begins at puberty for many and lasts for years. It causes irregular menstruation, acne, obesity, pelvic pain, excess hair growth and infertility. Women with PCOD also have insulin resistance that leads to diabetes. Insulin resistance increases blood glucose levels and this also affects the ovulation cycle. Doctors and scientists are yet to determine whether it is caused by genetics or environmental factors or a combination of the two.


Doctors prescribe birth control pills to regularize periods and hormones to increase fertility. Statin is prescribed to bring down high cholesterol and metformin to prevent diabetes. There are options that support your treatment other than these conventional medical treatment methods.

Weight Loss

Weight loss by itself can improve your life tremendously if you are suffering from PCOD. The weight loss must be slow and not sudden as this can cause other problems. Just 5% to 7% weight loss over a period of 6 months can reduce androgen levels that will regularise your periods as well as improve your fertility. It also decreases insulin resistance, which also impacts your fertility positively.

Commit to a healthy balanced meal of complex carbohydrates (whole grains and other less processed carbs), lean proteins (lentils, legumes, chicken without the fat and fish), and plenty of vegetables including the green leafy variety. Have smaller meals and eat on time to prevent blood sugar levels from fluctuating and creating food cravings and dizziness. Meet a dietician for further guidance and support.


Regular Exercise


Walking everyday for a short time will regularise all body functions. It will improve blood circulations, lower blood sugar levels and help alleviate the symptoms of PCOD.

There are some other natural remedies that can help reduce symptoms and help you feel better. Some of these remedies need to be taken with the advice of a licensed Ayurveda doctor as it could interfere with the effects of other drugs you maybe taking.


Fengreek (Methi, Venthayam seeds)


Methi has the capability to lower blood glucose level, improve glucose tolerance and lower ‘bad’ cholesterol. Soak 3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds overnight and consume the next morning with honey on an empty stomach. You will find improvement over a few weeks.


Spearmint tea (not to be confused with Pudina)


Spearmint has anti androgenic properties. It will help to bring hormonal balance in your body. Besides regularising your periods it also clears acne and reduces the problem of excess body hair. Add one teaspoon of spearmint leaves and simmer in a cup of boiling water. Strain and drink twice a day.




A study conducted by the Columbia University shows that cinnamon can support treatment of PCOD. It reduces insulin resistance and this positively affects menstrual cycles. Cinnamon also remedies the inflammation in the body caused by insulin. Add cinnamon powder to your morning porridge, or to season your daily meals. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to hot water and drink for a few months.



Flaxseed decreases androgen. As it is a high fiber food it slows down glucose metabolism and therefore keeps you satiated for longer after a meal. It also reduces inflammation of the body. It has omega 3 fatty acids that lower blood pressure by reducing cholesterol. Add flaxseed to your cereals, and juices or add a tablespoon to a glass of water and consume.


Other home remedies are Saw Palmetto (herb), holy basil (tulsi), Licorice root, chasteberry and fish oil (high in omega 3 fatty acids).


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