Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes is becoming common nowadays. It cannot be determined as who could be diagnosed with this situation. Since Expecting mothers catching up Diabetes is on the rise, doctors have made it necessary for expectant mothers to undergo certain blood sugar tests. It does affect the baby’s condition if untreated on time. The onset of gestational diabetes is also a weird thing noticed. A Healthy expecting woman could catch up diabetes a few months after conception also. So, it is not necessarily be understood that a person will be diabetic only now. The symptoms, causes, Prevention of Gestational Diabetes are stated below.



Pregnant women don’t seem to notice such alarming symptoms of gestational diabetes. It can be diagnosed on a visit to your doctor. As Blood sugar check-up has become common, the diagnosis is, of course, an integral part. The other important symptom that alarms presence of gestational diabetes includes excessive weight gain and extensive dizziness. There is no specific symptom to detect gestational diabetes without a Blood sugar reading. A sudden rise in blood sugar levels makes things complicated for the growth and healthy birth of baby. Experts suggest going ahead with a complete check up before planning to get pregnant. This ensures safety for the child to be born and as well as for the mother too. If diabetic, she could well be treated to get the blood sugar levels down and controlled and then could move ahead with her routine life. With a few bits of advice and precautionary tips, the person could well plan for a baby. Here the risk is minimal and in most cases nullified.



The exact cause of Gestational diabetes posing a threat or a risk to both the mother and the child cannot be targeted for one reason. Some say it is because of unhealthy eating habits causing fluctuating blood sugar levels while others say it could even be a genetic disorder.  When the insulin produced by Pancreas is secreted uneven, i.e., more than the required level or lesser than the required level, blood sugar levels fluctuate. Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy is common and it could also trigger diabetic situation in expectant mothers. While everyone is up towards predicting a unique cause for diabetes, there are other reasons too. Obesity, Diet, and Lifestyle could also be the causes of Gestational Diabetes in expectant healthy mothers.



The risk of gestational diabetes may vary from one person to another. Some are at the risk of delivering pre-term baby if untreated. While some may deliver ba aby with excessive weight. Several cases have been recorded as the mother undergoing caesarean procedure to give birth to the baby. Some babies of mothers with gestational diabetes on aging could be diagnosed with Hypoglycaemia (Low Blood Sugar) or Type 2 Diabetes. Expectant Mothers with Gestational Diabetes pose a risk of developing Blood Pressure and high cholesterol levels in the blood .



Diabetes cannot be prevented. It can only be controlled. Eating Healthy food and right living ensures Diabetes is kept at bay. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a weapon to fight diabetes away from your home. Regular physical activity adds fuel to your fight against diabetes. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables go well with your body rather than opting for processed and preserved food items. Doctors always advise people with diabetes to add seasonal fruits and veggies in their diet as they keep our body ready for seasonal changes nurturing antibodies to fight against diseases and infections. This is one important aspect of right living. Alongside following these healthy habits, educating our children to do so would be the best thing to leave ahead for the future generation.


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