Diet and lifestyle strategies to prepare your body for pregnancy

When you are planning to have a baby, you got to be aware of many things both about your health and going ahead step by step with internal and external elements. Getting conceived is the first step towards pregnancy. Today, couples are worried on conception. It is important their Lifestyle must go on with the nature rather than becoming so artificial. Scientists have proven that partners must be on the same wavelength physically and mentally. When both are on the same boat, the result is not so far. Even couples on the age group below 30 are finding it difficult in this area. Either it might be due to lack of awareness or their lifestyle which backfires their own marriage.

Scientifically it is not at all a problem for women below 30 to have a baby a decade ago. Probably, she was healthy and a normal child birth was always on. Now, even those in their late 20s are finding it difficult to conceive as the rate is slowly declining. It also should be considered that men also share an equal responsibility for infertility. While both improper egg growth and insufficient sperm count add reason for infertility causes, both men and women play vital role in conception. Proper food habits, diet changes, lifestyle habits and mental health constitute to good rapport among the couple and trigger fertility.

Diet Changes for Pregnancy      

It is essential for women planning to get pregnant concentrate on her health. Her family members play vital role in helping her in the process of childbirth. Food rich in Zinc helps women planning for conception. It is advised to stay away from drinking and smoking when you are planning to get pregnant. Experts suggest the below diet for women planning to get pregnant.

  • Eggs
  • Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables
  • Foods rich in Iron and Calcium
  • Nuts and Beans
  • Grains

Lifestyle Changes

As mentioned earlier smoking and drinking should strictly be avoided. Proper medical consultation before and after mutual association is encouraged. Physical activity enhances proper biological health in both men and women before conception. This in turn maintains the internal equilibrium better. Our experts at Indigo offer exceptional treatment alongside Dos and Don’ts before and after conception.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Couples who are prepared mentally for pregnancy play well during child birth. Talk to your partner about pregnancy. Have a balanced interaction with family and friends. Frustration and confusions may well be left at bay. Think about your positives more rather than focusing on what you’ve lost. You are more responsible for your child. So, keep in mind that you are living the life of the little one too. It’s not going to be pain all the way. You’ll also experience and cherish motherhood. It’s a unique feeling. The respect and regard you gain from your partner, family and friends support you from behind mentally. This enhances the growth of the infant in you. Reports and statistics have always made it clear about one thing. Heading to a fertility expert need not be considered a sin. Today almost 7 in 10 couples are worried about pregnancy and require fertility experts for a positive result. Out of these 7, at least 4 undergo fertility treatment and after medication and ultimately record positive for pregnancy. So, it is never too late to start talking with our fertility specialists.


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