We strive to provide you with a memorable experience right from conception to the birth of your baby.

At Indigo Womens Center, a best fertility center in Chennai we bridge all the gaps and keep you informed on the do’s and don’ts of pregnancy. We will schedule and draw out a chart, explaining on what to expect during all the milestones of pregnancy. Our doctors prescribe tests and medicines ONLY if necessary.

Our in-house radiologist is available 24/7; an ultrasound scan can be done at any time of the day if the need arises. Our antenatal programs for exercise and breathing techniques are specially designed to help you have a natural birthing process. The radiologist at our fertility center is trained in 3D/4D scans to spot even the slightest hint of an anomaly.

We believe that the birth of your baby is a wonderful, life changing experience. At Indigo Womens Center, a best IVF center in Chennai we strive to provide you with a memorable birthing experience delivered by our comfortable birthing beds. If you require pain relief at any point during your labor, our anesthetists are available round the clock for epidural analgesia. We have a neonatal photographer to take photos of your new born so you can treasure those beautiful moments forever.


Antenatal and postnatal classes

We train mothers to be and new mothers on exercise regimen, offer physiotherapy, yoga classes and diet tips.

One to one nursing care during labor

We are equipped to handle three deliveries at the same time. We provide a single dedicated nurse to every mother in labor so no sign of progress goes unmissed.

LDR suite room

We are equipped with the most comfortable ergonomically designed birthing table which is much more comfortable than the ones provided at most multi-specialty hospitals. Round the clock nursery to provide you and your newborn with all the support you need. You can sleep easy at nights assured that your baby is well taken care of.

Exclusive neonatal photography and foot massage. (Because you deserve it!)