Over 30 years’ experience in treating couples with fertility issues. Every patient is unique in terms of treatment needs and we have curated protocols for every individual.

Reproductive medicine is a specialized branch of gynecology dealing with issues in fertility. Infertility may be due to a combination of factors that may prevent a pregnancy from occurring. Fortunately, there are many safe and effective ways to overcome infertility.

Finding out that you are infertile raises a lot of questions, and we at Indigo Women’s Center, a best fertility center in Chennai will provide you with all the right answers. We see cases of infertility on a daily basis and we are familiar with the condition in all its forms. Our embryology team and fertility specialists discuss on a daily basis to have a thorough review and understanding about each patient undergoing treatment at our facility, making us the top IVF center in Chennai. We will make sure that you are informed about all the fertility treatment options available.

Each individual is unique in terms of treatment needs. We strongly believe fertility treatment in Chennai cannot be “protocol” based. We understand the importance of counselling in treatment and the impact it has on fertility. Stress, as we know plays a major role in success of treatment; a perfect understanding of patient mentality is absolutely essential, this is where experience makes all the difference. Dr. Sarat, pioneer of fertility treatment in Chennai, South India has been treating patients with fertility issues day in and day out for over 30 years. We curate our treatment based on age of the woman, lifestyle and couple mentality.

Choosing the right place for your journey to parenthood is key. Most centers can provide you the same kind of results. Ultimately, it all comes down to which consultant you are comfortable going to and the kind of treatment you are provided at the facility. Read forum reviews and inquire from couples that have taken treatment earlier. Fertility treatment is a journey where perseverance and persistence is the only success mantra.

We aim to sustain our track record of being an OHSS -free clinic. As a patient, we urge you to find peace of mind in the form of the expertise our specialists can provide.