Laparoscopy Advantages & Disadvantages

A large percent of gynecological surgeries are performed by the conventional open method. This is because of the widespread lack of information about laparoscopic surgery. This information, which should be given to by the treating doctors is not well communicated. A gynecologist who lacks the training for laparoscopic surgery may recommend only an open surgery. This leaves the patient confused about their choices and leaves the treatment choice to the doctor’s discretion. We at Indigo Womens center like to empower our patients to make the right choices for themselves.

Advantages of Laparoscopy at IWC

Minimal tissue trauma:

When there is a lot of trauma to surrounding structures, there will be release of C- Reactive proteins and interleukin 6 which are immune system suppressors .In laparoscopy the release of these components are one thousand times lesser than open surgery. This is mainly due to the minimal amount of tissue handling.

Less infection rates:

Infection rates are one sixth lesser than conventional surgery; this is mainly because medical grade CO2 (which is used to inflate the abdomen during surgery) forms an acidic medium, which is detrimental to bacteria. The positive pressure inside the abdomen tends to push infection out of the body. Since we use ports for surgery, there is no contact to the external environment. The heat generated from the various advanced laparoscopic energy instruments causes death to bacteria.

Better vision:

In our hospital we use Karl Storz- Spectra advanced imaging systems. This gives us precise vision, 10x magnification and blood vessel differentiation. This coupled with the vast experience of our laparoscopic surgeons; we are able to deliver on the most optimal outcome for your surgical procedure.

Low chances of hernia:

Due to multiple tiny 5mm incisions, the chances of hernia are very low when compared to open surgery.

Fewer chances of adhesions:

Peritoneum is the protective covering around all the abdominal structures. This peritoneum is a natural adhesion barrier. During open surgery a 6-12 inch incision is made in this peritoneum to access the pelvic structures whereas in laparoscopic surgery, the incision is only 5 mm. The site of incision is far away from the target organ, thus there is no contact to the raw area of the operated site. Reperitonization (re formation of the damaged peritoneum) is much faster in case of laparoscopic surgery due to the small size of incisions.Laparoscopy Advantage adhesions Indigo Women Center IVF, ICSI, IUI, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Pelvic pain, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Ovarian cysts & PCOS, Fertility Enhancing Laparoscopic surgery

Less pain:

Pain is relative, but several studies have proved that due to lesser tissue damage, the pain perceived by patients is far lesser than that of open surgery. This was shown by the lesser need of high dose narcotics used by patients operated through laparoscopy in comparison with those of open surgery.

Get well soon’er’

Most laparoscopic surgeries are day care procedures, i.e. you can go back home the very next day. This means you can go back to office in two days! In comparison an open surgery at lest takes 4-5 days for recovery.

Scar ”less

The 5 mm scars heal much faster and leave less to no scarring. By comparing the pictures below its clear which procedure wins this discussion!

Laparoscopy Advantage sample Indigo Women Center IVF, ICSI, IUI, Fibroids, Endometriosis, Pelvic pain, Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Ovarian cysts & PCOS, Fertility Enhancing Laparoscopic surgery


Laparoscopic procedures require immense training, thus any surgery performed by novice surgeons can be disastrous. Laparoscopy requires precise hand-eye co ordination that is attained only by experience and training. Laparoscopy also required medical practitioners to understand physics, interface & ergonomics, which is why many surgeons lack the drive to learn laparoscopy.

Another reason as to why the adaptation rate of laparoscopy is so low is because most surgeons lack the knowledge of intra corporal knotting.

We at Indigo Women’s Center are determined to spread awareness and train aspiring surgeons in the art of laparoscopy so that the ultimate goal of patient safety is achieved.