Embryo Donor

Embryo Donor


Embryo donation is the last resort for couples who have issues with both the eggs and sperm parameters.

When is embryo donation recommended?
  • Couples with a high risk of passing on genetic disorders
  • Women with recurrent IVF failures
  • Azoospermic men
  • Premature-ovarian failure in women

Process of a embryo donation cycle:

  1. Appropriate consents are signed by all parties
  2. The recipient woman is placed on medication to stimulate a healthy uterine lining.
  3. Once the endometrium (uterine lining) is ready with “triple lining” , the Frozen embryo transfer process is initiated.On an average 2-4 embryos are thawed and then transferred into the uterus.

Success rates of donor embryo :

Success rates depend on a lot of factors. At Indigo Womens Center we give you the highest chances of attaining a successful pregnancy because of the experience of our clinicians , experience of our andrologist , our class 10,000 clean air embryology lab , state-of-the art equipment on par with International standards. We have 78-80% success rates with our donor cycles.