The inefficiency to give birth to a child is medically known as Infertility. If a couple is potentially incapable after many attempts to have a baby, then it is automatically concluded that one of the partner definitely has an issue. The common signs of infertility are classified into two parts. Either the Woman might face with the ovulatory problems or the man might face decreased sperm count issue.

Nowadays infertility is becoming a common and major issue coiling both the men and women alike. The signs of infertility are noticeable for some couples who are facing infertility problems. But still some of the couples are still lagging in knowledge about the infertility issues. Read further to learn more about infertility and share the information to everyone so that it would be useful for them to find whether they are affected or not.

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Common Signs of Infertility in Women

Women who are not successful in getting pregnant even after trying twice must seek the help of a Best Fertility Centre in Chennai to get a proper advice particularly when they undergo any of the following infertility signs. The most common sign of infertility in women is Irregular monthly period. Women might also not get pregnant due to the overweight and even they are underweight. Weight also plays an important role in the fertility. The lack of minerals and vitamins also contribute to the infertility problems when the woman is underweight. The hormonal imbalance plays the key role when they are overweight. PCOS might develop due to the result of this. The reproduction system and the egg production will not function properly due to PCOS.

Another issue is alcohol over intake and smoking excessively. Usage of prohibited drugs also gets included in this. The mentioned signs are also applicable to men also. People who are addicted to these vices for very long period will definitely find difficult to get pregnant even though they are trying hard to conceive. These killing vices contain poisons that could permanently damage the fetus development. It prevails even after either partner have completely ceased from these deadly habits for a long period of time.


Common Signs of Infertility in Men

Men are no superior when it comes to infertility. They also get equally affected due to infertility. The undescended testicles are the most common infertility sign in men. Wear skin tight jeans and also underwear has a huge impact on undescended testicles. It affects the sperm production directly. Weight also plays an important role in the infertility in men like women. The chance of being is infertile is huge when they are underweight or overweight. The most unfavorable fact is that men become infertile when their gonad or scrotum is contacted by heat. Another common factor that makes men infertile is chain smoking. It lowers their sperm count.

It is very much important for the couples who are getting ready to have a child to learn and gain enough knowledge about the entire infertility signs well in advance before you take further decision. It is recommended for both the partners to meet the Best Fertility Hospital in Chennai to get the finest Reproductive Medicine and treatments are conducted in order to battle their own signs of infertility well before the dawn.


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